Thursday, November 26

Coffee Culture opening soon in Downtown Kitchener

Can we talk about how many coffee shops a city’s downtown/uptown really require? Because I’m torn on the subject.

On one hand - each shop has a unique personality and customers can become patrons of the business that best fits their mood and values, competititon is good and keeps everyone on their toes, and more open businesses – the more an area appears vibrant, and could then attract new people into the core.


On the other hand… for a central hub to be really successful and be sustainable over time, I’m guessing they need to be BUSY… like really busy…. And I’m not sure this is possible when there are SO many businesses targeting the same niche.

In Uptown Waterloo:

Coffee Culture


1884 (or whatever the fuck year that place is called)

Princess Cafe

Matter of Taste

Whole Lotta Gelata

Seven Shores

The place in the Atrium



In Downtown Kitchener(not including the kitchener market, bus terminal and marketsquare foodcourt):



Matter of Taste

Kava Bean

Queen St. Commons


Coffee Time

And opening soon: Coffee Culture in the Walper Terrace – wicked location, garbage coffee.


Lots of selection to be sure, regardless, it is still hard to get a coffee in downtown on Sunday am.

What do you guys think?

Too many? Not enough?


PS. I've spared you a rant about the coffee culture franchise, I'll save that for opening day ;)


  1. With all of the variety of different coffee places in Uptown, the place that always seems the busiest is still the Tim Hortons across from Ethels...

  2. Ugh, that is so true.
    I didn't even list Tim Hortons... scary.

    Makes me think about this talk


  3. great, now i can wait forever for a bagel in downtown kitchener too.

  4. What really pisses me off about that is how they are going to turn one of the coolest old buildings in the downtown core into their cookie cutter design standard. I mean, this place could have been a bar or cafe with so much character and historical significance, but now its going to be a paint-by-numbers chain? shitty deal

  5. I have to say that while a chain is not my first choice for Dowtown Kitchener, I still support the endeavor. While Downtown Kitchener may have all of those places, most of them are not open past 9pm! I'm completely excited to be able to hang out late in the downtown that I love!

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