Wednesday, January 27

Kwartzlab 5+5.

Last night was AWESOME!

We checked out the Kwartzlab's first 5+5 event at the Boehmer Box space. Sooooo wicked!
5 artist, 5 makers... each get 5 minutes to share their work.

Here's a couple highlights.

Gus starting the night off, by talking about how and why they wanted to make an art gallery component within the hackerspace in the first place...

Sarah Kernohan talking about her creative process and inspiration.
She uses an old school overhead projector. Oh, the memories.

Karl Williams talking about ROBOTS!

Here's a video of this Snake in motion!

Also LOVED David White's creations... he takes stuff from nature and is working on making it into sculpture.

This one is a bee's nest ... with gold army men invading.

And this one is a piece of driftwood with a glass eye!
COME. ON! This shit is unbelievble, Look how creepy it is!
I'm in love.

Watch out, close up.

All the speakers were excellent (complete recap of the nite, is HERE.)

I HIGHLY recommend you attend the next Kwartzlab 5+5 event.
Awesome speakers, guests, space, beverage options and ideas.


Thanks for the shout out at the event @cutergecko! I owe you a $20 ;)

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  1. Thanks for helping us spread the word and coming out, H. Much appreciated.



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