Friday, March 5

Symphony Tonight - wanna come?

Man, i've been meaning to post this for days now:

TONIGHT - 7:00 doors open
$29 tix (discounted from thirty something)
The Conrad Centre.

If you are not planning on doing anything tonight.... you should come.
Yes, it's last minute.
Yes, you've never been to the symphony.
Yes, it's in downtown and parking is annoying.

Yes to all these things, but also YES to a different and spontaneous night out.

Call the box office right now and tell them you want a ticket with the promo code : NUBERLIN

We'll grab a drink after, it'll be spectacular.


  1. Parking is annoying? The centre block lot is huge and free after 6pm.

    I've never had a problem finding parking in downtown, even though, unlike Uptown, you have to pay during the day.

    (And I've been to the symphony, and it's really good. I'd love to come, but I'm previously engaged...)

  2. It's a FANTASTIC show, went last night, or else I'd totally be there tonight. Have fun!

  3. jesus! you have been busy woman

  4. ah! i love symphony stuff! we have tickets to see this guy, Salem Al Fakir with the Göteborg symphony in two weeks. so PUMPED... never thought i would say pumped about the symphony...


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