Wednesday, February 22

WOW. So I'm back here for a minute!

I don't know what's up with my Wordpress site, but sigh... here I am... back on my trusty old blogger page! hahaha!

It's kind of comforting, this site IS about 400x easier to use... but ANYWAYS.....

What's up? What's happening? I wanted to share this little video from Sandra Bender, the new GM for Centre in the Square, exciting!

As you may or may not know - I'm a member of the CITS board now - so def looking forward to working with Sandra when she gets here in May, but seriously... we should all be psyched to see the evolution of the Centre. Seriously one of the best performance spaces in Canada... it's true.

Have a good day! Sorry for the site confusion, hopefully we'll be back to normal soon!

Tuesday, March 9



It's new and great and everything you love about RQ, but better looking.

It's like when you dump your high school boyfriend and start dating a guy in university who can actually get into bars and doesn't get ID'd at the liquor store!
You'll feel better about yourself.
Trust me.


PS. I'm still technologically deficient, so update your RSS and all that shit.


This is what we're having for dinner.
It has been slowcookin since 2pm!
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Job Posting: Sustainable Waterloo

Sustainable Waterloo is hiring an Events Manager.

Think this might be for you? You better be

Here's some details:

The full-time Events Manager position would offer you the opportunity to plan and deliver environmentally-focused workshops and forums for both Sustainable Waterloo members and the broader business community. This position also entails secondary responsibilities in the areas of community & member relations, as well as office management.

As the ideal candidate you have a passion for ♦ Environmental issues ♦ Community-based leadership ♦ Improving the environmental sustainability of Waterloo Region ♦ Multi-sectoral collaboration ♦ Building and maintaining relationships with a diversity of internal & external stakeholders

Qualifications and skills required include:
  • Corporate event-planning experience an asset
  • University degree / Diploma in related field (Environment and/or Business)
  • Acute attention to detail while working on multiple projects of diverse priority
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills in order to manage multiple events,projects and direct reports
  • Demonstrated leadership skills to mentor a dedicated group of volunteers in a learning
  • organization, and to well-represent Sustainable Waterloo to a variety of external stakeholders
  • Exceptional time management skills
  • Flexibility to attend business functions on evenings and weekends as required
The full listing and contact information can be found HERE.
Tell'em RQ sent'cha.

Apply by March 31st.


Monday, March 8

Who Are You Kitchener?

Ok, so I haven't really heard much out there in the world about this project that the City of Kitchener is working on, called Who Are You Kitchener?

Basically, it looks like Compass Kitchener (who is a small group of citizens that advise council) is trying to figure out who lives here... the cumulative answer will supposedly shape the future of our city. And, since we're heading towards a new council in 2011... you get the idea...

The program runs from March 5 to May 5 (study delivered to council in June) and there are many community consultations happening... there's a schedule HERE.

They divide the population into 6 groups:
  • Suburban Stability Seekers
  • Community Activators
  • Urban Promoters
  • Small Town Stalwart
  • Small Town Protector
  • Fringe Dweller
Which one are you? Do the quick questionnaire HERE to find out.
I'm an urban promoter. hahahaha.

To get more involved check THIS link and work on the online workbook.
I'm doing it - so I'll keep you posted, but, feel free to let me know how it's going if you're also doing it.

Maybe I'm naive to think this is going to count for anything, but hey, who doesn't like the allure of having their voice heard?

(that's what i thought)


Ancestors of Kitchener

I found this through KW Insider a while ago, and didn't repost at the time, but mentioned it to a few people who all thought it was awesome...


Lynn Shwadchuck took a panoramic photo of the employees of the Kitchener "Merchants Rubber Company" taken on Sept 11/28 and is working at the photo to post the workers seperately. Crazy, huh?


KW Web Design & Technology Meetup

Tuesday is a busy night -

For all you Web/Design types out there...

Tuesday March 9th
BarleyWorks (Huether Hotel, Upstairs)
RSVP here so they know how many are coming, and can hook up enough snacks.


From Field to Fork - eating local seminar

Maybe I was a little harder on the City of Waterloo last week...

So here's a great event they're holding tomorrow - check it out:

From Field to Fork
Tuesday March 9
Council Chambers - Waterloo City Hall
Prof. Steffanie Scott (an expert on local food systems) looks at the growing movement towards eating locally. Snacks by Seven Shores!

presented by WCEAC.


Alice in Wonderland

I don't care what you had planned for tonight.

Cancel everything and go see Alice in Wonderland.

It's perfect.


Friday, March 5

Symphony Tonight - wanna come?

Man, i've been meaning to post this for days now:

TONIGHT - 7:00 doors open
$29 tix (discounted from thirty something)
The Conrad Centre.

If you are not planning on doing anything tonight.... you should come.
Yes, it's last minute.
Yes, you've never been to the symphony.
Yes, it's in downtown and parking is annoying.

Yes to all these things, but also YES to a different and spontaneous night out.

Call the box office right now and tell them you want a ticket with the promo code : NUBERLIN

We'll grab a drink after, it'll be spectacular.