Monday, March 8

Who Are You Kitchener?

Ok, so I haven't really heard much out there in the world about this project that the City of Kitchener is working on, called Who Are You Kitchener?

Basically, it looks like Compass Kitchener (who is a small group of citizens that advise council) is trying to figure out who lives here... the cumulative answer will supposedly shape the future of our city. And, since we're heading towards a new council in 2011... you get the idea...

The program runs from March 5 to May 5 (study delivered to council in June) and there are many community consultations happening... there's a schedule HERE.

They divide the population into 6 groups:
  • Suburban Stability Seekers
  • Community Activators
  • Urban Promoters
  • Small Town Stalwart
  • Small Town Protector
  • Fringe Dweller
Which one are you? Do the quick questionnaire HERE to find out.
I'm an urban promoter. hahahaha.

To get more involved check THIS link and work on the online workbook.
I'm doing it - so I'll keep you posted, but, feel free to let me know how it's going if you're also doing it.

Maybe I'm naive to think this is going to count for anything, but hey, who doesn't like the allure of having their voice heard?

(that's what i thought)


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  1. I'm an urban promoter as well, but some of the questions on that site seem pretty skewed to get the answer they want.


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